Lilia Koch

Psychologist, life coach, writer, creator of the Phoenix rebirth game


A psychologist and book writer. I work in Russia, Germany, USA, Dubai and other cities and countries.


Personal coaching

Each of us has great creative energy and potential for development and fulfillment in life.

But often in life come moments of confusion and contradictions. Especially when we are ready to move to a new level and hungry for change. In our desire for growth and self-improvement, we face these questions:

  • How to find your life's purpose?
  • How to get what you want out of life, with ease and fun?
  • How to live happily, enjoying every day?
  • How to allow yourself to be yourself, and others - to be different?
  • How to learn to live consciously, in harmony with itself and the world?
  • How to learn to build a harmonious relationship with people?

Through personal coaching you will find answers to these questions. Thanks to these answers, you can plan your subsequent actions in your personal life, business and spiritual life. And this is necessary to achieve self-fulfillment and to realize your own meaning of life, to learn to hear themselves, your desires and aspirations of your own soul. This knowledge will give integrity and greatness, the ability to become himself the best friend!

to schedule an individual consultation may be .

Individual coaching is offered in the format of the psychological game
"Phoenix Rebirth".
A session lasts from 3 to 5 hours. Fee: 600 USD.




Psychological games

Psychological games is a new tool for effective transformation of personal reality.

The participants study their life situation and get aware of its reasons. Players are immersed inside yourself, exploring personal motives and familiar scenarios of their behavior, consciously replacing them by more efficient ones. The game helps to move the frozen layers of energy within each participant and to set them free. The game runs the powerful mechanism of change in the live of each player.

Psychology is a vast ocean of very different activities. A fall in the rushing rivers of trainings, loud streams of webinars, seminars, various courses and more. After reviewing and trying some of these activities I discovered the psychological games! So I started to use the transformational tool of psychological games and became the host of such games.


Phoenix Rebirth Game


"100 days between life and death" - a biographical novel, published in 2017

This book is a slice of life. And you have the opportunity to feel it and to understand something very important.

After reading this book I started to want more to live, create and love. Lilia, many thanks for your frankness!

Everyone who will read the book, will see the power inherent in each of us.

Lilia, like a Phoenix, was reborn from the darkness. I'm sure that after reading this story, people will not remain the same.

This book was to turn my inner world from the first pages — this is exactly what I needed in this moment of life.

After reading the last page, I wanted to come home and burn most of the "women's literature."



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